Gifts & Specials

Looking for a one-of-a kind gift for someone special? Try handcrafted and organic sensual essences designed to capture her “Spirit” in a bottle.

In a time long forgotten, perfume formulae were protected.  Secret pathways and labrotories were created to protect the sacred and valuable recipes.  Lyn Patrick Essensuals invites you to a world where individuality is revered and adored.  Our products are all organic and natural. The in-humane processes of conventional perfume companies are not only cruel to the animals they “extract” their precious formulas from and horrible for the environment, but can also lead to skin rashes and other problems.  Besides, who wants to go around smelling like everyone else anyway?

From the earliest of times, people have taken pleasure in rubbing scented oils into their skin. Timeless and universal, scent is a powerful force that inspires, heals and provokes. This is a perfume that is provocative, creative and sensual. Life is about opening and liberating ourselves.

When applied to your skin a unique “spirit” emerges with three notes designed to awaken the mind, body and spirit.


Price:  $80


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