About Lyn

Lyn has spent a lifetime studying holistic health, determining how ancient and modern forms of physical, spiritual, and mental health management techniques can be applied in daily practice.

While Lyn has had a strong and successful career in the corporate world she has also developed an entire body of knowledge gained through pain management, athletics, holistic medicine, holistic training in psychology and bodywork, and the very powerful healing offered through creative movement, self expression, and yoga. Also she travelled solo around the world for almost 2 years exposing herself to a wide range of natural approaches to wellness from different cultures. While traveling Lyn discovered her calling in life: to be of service by helping others improve their health, happiness and vitality through a more holistic approach to life whether it be in the home, at work, or out and about in life. While working with her clients over the years Lyn has came to understand one common issue with just about everyone she meets and that is a separation of goals. We go to the spa to get a massage and some beauty treatments, we go to the gym to workout, we go to a nutritionalist or doctor to learn the right way to take care of ourselves with medicine and food, we go to therapy to try to understand ourselves better, to a yoga class for more flexibility, a meditation class for more insight and spirituality, and so on…. Lyn’s main goal is to promote and execute holism. The idea that our natural systems which are physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, spiritual, linguistic, etc. and their properties, should be viewed as a whole, and not as collections of parts. Everything is connected. Everything has a purpose.

Lyn’s philosophy is rooted in balance in motion, the belief that health, happiness and vitality are entirely synonymous: outer beauty and vibrance is a reflection of inner health. And the only way to have health is to have movement. Her main focus is to discover the areas in which one gets “stuck” and finding ways to overcome these obstacles to support and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself by proper amounts and types of physical activity, consuming a diet consisting mostly of nutrient-rich, whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, increasing efficient digestion, increasing immunity, promoting periodic cleansing, encouraging positive thinking, and by enhancing creativity and passion.

Lyn teaches others to discover their own unique journey to ultimate health and vitality by following simple, common sense guidelines without having to obsess over the minutia of typical dieting programs. By making the necessary changes, she supports a new way of broadening awareness and instituting healthy, sustainable behaviors.
Creating a fit and healthy lifestyle means understanding how to achieve a health balance that fits your unique situation. Working with you, Lyn can design and tailor a program that helps you achieve your goals and to integrate holistic principles into your daily routine. Lyn has extensive experience in designing programs for, ANY BODY.

Lyn actively participates in holistic medicine, alternative therapies, meditation and yoga, and regularly writes about holistic heath subjects on her blog and health fitness portal at http://www.180degreelife.com

To contact Lyn for a session please email her at:  lynnuchka@gmail.com

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