Pulling a 180

Shawn was the brilliant mind behind the 180 Degree Life. We made a plan 6 months before our wedding on 11/11/11 to “get into the best shape of our lives”.  What that boiled down to is that we wanted to look HOT for our wedding and who wouldn’t?  We made a plan and stuck to it. We are doing what’s commonly referred to as, “pulling a 180” and turning things around. Ironically it was exactly 180 days until our wedding on 11/11/11. We both share a mentality of getting better with age, not worse. So our challenge was to turn things around on how we are approaching health, fitness, and really everything, in an effort to explore whether or not this kind of lunacy was possible. 🙂

So, today we are enjoying our journey, of which we are ever changing and evolving as we reach for optimum health and vitality. A complete makeover of crazy proportions. Diet. Exercise. Mental health. Spiritual. Environment.  It’s all connected.

Here we go!

Stay tuned!

Shawn & Lyn


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