Meditation, Mindfulness & Manifestation

There is a key to unlocking the door that has behind it all that you desire. All the blessings, all the dreams and all the things that you have not attained, until now.

There are many books like “The Secret” that cover manifesting through the law of attraction but they are missing one thing and that is the lock on the door called, EGO. It is our ego and the beliefs about ourselves that brings to the forefront a story. A story that will block the very things that are basically waiting for us to manifest. These “ego beliefs” will define how we think of ourselves and will govern every decision we make and how we manage ourselves and each other. Toss that ego aside, give it a rest and watch the blessings flow in.

The information that I share here in Meditation, Mindfulness & Manifestation comes with 20 years of researching and applying techniques that I have learned from self help books, courses, traveling and practicing. I have called myself a “Self Help Junkie” and for good reason, I have tried it all! There is no real “Secret” to this. But there is one rule, Ego is not allowed. Wherever the Ego is present there will be control. And wherever there is control there will never, ever be a free flow of the blessings that are waiting for you to receive.

Consider it a forcefield. It is difficult for love to flow freely with conditions attached to it and it is impossible for true love and blessings to flow in when the ego is engaged. This forcefield is forged with the core beliefs that we have carefully gathered in order to survive difficult, painful, abusive and sometimes life-threatening situations. But carried further than the situation where these beliefs are truly needed, these beliefs have been proven to cause havoc on our lives. It has also been proven that these beliefs will change the very structure of your cells. At that level your body is in a fight or flight syndrome and over time it will not only cause a block in blessings from the outside world it has been proven to block and destroy a healthy “inner” system causing dis-ease within the body leading to all sorts of health issues.

A river that is flowing is vibrant and healthy, but once the flow is blocked it becomes stagnant. It does not take a rocket scientist to put these pieces together. The real question is how. How do we attain this free flow and keep our ego’s at bay? The answer is in you. Stop the mindless chatter, the judgements, the fears and insecurities. We are told by the outside world thousands of times per day that we are inadequate. That we need certain types of religion, politics, products, education, jobs, cars, clothes, houses, medicine, food, the list goes on and on. Every body is trying to outdo the other. Even giving you false information to sell their stuff. We beleive false truths every day. As a healer I would have been burned at the stake for sure if I lived back in the day of Witch Hunts! Just because I like to use natural remedies to heal and I do not follow any religion I would have been toast!

It is time to stop the massive input. Listen to the voice within. Nurture your soul and allow the delicate voice that has its own needs and wants to be free to express itself. By quieting the mind for just a few minutes a day you can accomplish many things. Most of all you can accomplish your dreams. But first you must find the voice that the dreams are attached to without the ego getting in the way and sabotaging your mission.

Meditation. For just 10 to 20 minutes per day find a time to sit comfortably and let your mind rest. Pay attention to your breath. Let the breath flow naturally in and out. Let your thoughts flow on by. Do not attach to them. Notice the thought and then let it go. And then get back to the breath. It does not matter how many times you do this. Trying to control your thoughts in any way during meditation would be like trying to control a band of wild drunken monkeys. Impossible and ridiculous, no? It is the process of letting go again and again and again that is the ultimate goal. Letting Go. Non Attachment. Freedom.

You do not really have to sit a certain way. Just be comfortable. Some people like walking meditation. Whatever you do I do not recommend laying down unless you are sick and cannot sit up comfortably. But try to find a free flow, meaning keep your body relaxed and open. You may want to rock back and forth, left and right to find the right spot. You will know when you find it. For me I feel a course of energy. It has always been helpful to imagine a brilliant energy beam coming down from above filling me with light and allowing that light to then pass through into the earth’s core and back up again to the heavens. A consistent loop of light and energy. After some practice you should easily be able to tap into that energy wherever you are.

Many people get frustrated with meditation but remember that is the ego. There is no right or wrong. Just breath and your observation of it. Once you attach to a thought merely let it go.  That, my friend, IS the practice. Letting Go! This wonderful and simple practice of letting go will over time have tremendous effects.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of being in which the ego is not present. A state in which greed, hatred and delusion have been overcome, abandoned and are absent from the mind. Being present and attentive to the reality of things and having a clear understanding of what is going on without succumbing to delusion and fear is very powerful. Through mindfulness we remain in a state of a calm awareness of our feelings, thoughts and perceptions and eventually consciousness itself. Great wisdom is attained through the practice of mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness has been proven to alleviate mental and physical conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and to prevent and cure depression and drug addiction.

Manifestation. Never has understanding the ego been more important until now. If you truly want to manifest your dreams you need to understand your ego and how it controls you without you even being aware of it. The Ego, the conscience, coexists with the instinctual portion of the psyche, the unconscious. The ego is the part that remembers, evaluates and plans. The ego is responsive to and controls our thoughts and actions in the physical world. The ego is what you are telling yourself you are. An illusion based on your beliefs and conditioning. It is a false belief system that causes all sorts of problems. What is your ego telling you? To run? To be scared? To plow through? To feel pain even though pain is not actually there? To be scared when there is absolutely nothing to be frightened of? Or does it tell you that you are entitled, better than everyone, that you already know everything, that you are different, etc. If you are going through this you are undoubtedly controlled by your ego and you need to let go if you want to get out of your current situation. That goes for any change wanted or desired. You must literally get out of your own way!

We have also been told of a great creator. A universal divine love or a being often called God, the Great Mother, Ra, Alla, etc. This energy permeates all things and is endlessly powerful and timeless. It is beyond most humans’ ability to understand or comprehend. There are those who are enlightened and they will all tell you the same thing. That all beings exist inside of this abundant energy but most of us, especially humans, have lost their connection to it and are completely unaware of it and sadly forsake all the blessings that come along with it. The ego which guides and directs us and is constantly trying to put meaning on everything we do is actually leading us away from optimum health, our goals and our dreams. The more engaged you are with your ego, the less you are connected to this Divine Energy that has contained within it everything you desire.

Humans are so very powerful. More powerful than most people can even begin to imagine. There have been so many wonderful examples throughout history but often these folks have been bitterly ridiculed into silence or exterminated. These people have told us that we do not need a church, a creed, or a certain mehanical way of finding our true self, our path, our purpose, our blessings, our birthright. We only need to practice mindfulness and we will get there faster than any other way. As a matter of a fact, It Is The Only Way. We cling to our beliefs as if they were our lifeline when they are merely thoughts. Thoughts that control and destroy a potentially happy and fulfilling existence. Now you may be able to see how things like meditation and mindfulness can come to your rescue. Not drugs or alcohol or even a therapist. Drugs and alcohol definately will not help and probably will make things worse and a therapist may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and unless they are practiced in mindfulness they cannot help you. And a church or organization will not help you unless they too have an understanding and current practice of mindfulness. Way too often the leader of our churches are steeped in their egos.

Release your desire to control. Remember how you feel when you are being controlled by an external force and how much you desire to be free. Once mindfulness has been mastered you will always be free, forever and ever. You may find then that your desires have lessened and that your dreams are completely different. Nonetheless you will be at peace and you will be happy and you will find in the end that all your dreams have come true. Guaranteed!

The Parable Of The Rope. By Peter Russell

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