Lyn’s Picks: Machine Gun Preacher

This movie is guaranteed to inspire and amaze you as it tells the true story about one man’s intention and how that intention saved thousands of children’s lives in southern Africa. A place where children are stolen from their beds in the night during raids that kill the adults and burn the villages down. These children are raped, beaten, sold into slavery and forced to be soldiers.

For one man, this just could not be! After he experienced first hand the heart breaking scene of a dismembered boy he vowed to come back and help. So he went down there and kicked ass all over the place and then some!

There are many different ways to fight the good fight. The most important thing to remember is that we all have our own individual strengths. Once harnessed and directed we too can become just as powerful as Sam Childers.

So lets get out there and kick some butt!!

Watch an interview with Sam Childers:


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