I read a book once that changed my life. It is called Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor’s Guide to Good Health by D. C. Jarvis, M.D. It lays out a basic understanding of traditional medicine as practiced by a country doctor in Vermont in the late 50’s. What is interesting to me is that his advice is still today the best as far as I am concerned and easy. Drink your Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Organic Honey drink every day, three times per day and live to be at least 100! Humans as observed by scientists and doctors have been proven to have a median age of 100 years and that we are supposed to live to at least 100 years of age! That got my attention. I have always thought of myself as someone who would live to be over 100 but I had never actually heard a doctor talking about scientists talking about it as if it was a fact, well it is a fact and that is why that book changed my life. If we live a holistic lifestyle, think the right thoughts and free ourselves of the burden of believing in marketing and look for common sense solutions and demand a cleaner, healthier more balanced world then yes we can as these doctors have proven live to be over 100 years of age!

When I met Shawn, my husband everything changed for me. I had met someone who supported me 100% in pursuing the right path for us as a couple and for our family. As we progressed down this path of trying to build a new way of living that would help support our desire to get better with age instead of decline with age, we have discovered many practical approaches to improving health and overall well being, and this site is meant to share that information and our experiences with you so you can set yourself and your loved ones down the path of turning things around for life.

I have traveled near and far to discover the secrets of living in a life of balance, from traveling to the far east through India, Thailand, Nepal, and to the mountains of Sri Lanka to teach Buddhist monks how to do yoga (don’t tell) in turn learning their meditation techniques. My first passion is my loved ones, the second is healing, the third is exploration, observation and discovery. Knowledge is power, and the 180 Degree Life is here to share the passion of knowledge and the knowledge of passion with you.

Wine is not the only thing that should get better with age, so join us in this journey to create a lifestyle that invigorates your every now with terrific health, vitality, and most of all true happiness through a holistic life practice.


Lyn Patrick


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