The Power of Guided Vision

I am moving toward my vision and goals moment to moment looking for balance so that I do not teeter off course. In doing so I find joy and contentment.

What is a Vision Board? It is a way to manifest and create a vision for what you want in your life through a process I like to call “collecting tiny visions”.   What you need is a huge pile of magazines.

All kinds, it does not matter what kind, save your magazines and invite people to join you and tell them to bring their magazines! Because the more magazines, pictures, etc the better chance you have of quickly putting together your very own vision. It is the perfect exercise to do with your friends & family at holidays.  It’s spontaneous, creative, healing, fun, and so on…  Every time I do dreamboards with people I feel like I have been given a window into their very souls and what that soul most desires, for the vision board does just that.  Look closely through the magazines for anything that has to do with what you want in your life, no matter what it is, cut it out and put it in your scrap box.  It may be a word, a letter, part of a picture or the whole entire page.  Shawn & I are building our lives together and he loves the vision board! Can you guess which one is his?  

You may not put in a certain amount of energy on a daily basis to meditate on, organize, and visualize your dreams. You may not even be able to put your innermost desires into words or even get them down on a list, but by flipping through magazines you are connecting to those inner desires and dreams in another way, aesthetically, and that opens up a whole part of you that may have been asleep!!! It taps into your creative side and that alone stimlates parts of you that you may not have even known you have at your disposal!!! People are amazed by the beautiful mosiacs that they create in a very short period of time.  They are truly works of art, like this one:

You can put your images on a posterboard, in your journal, a peice of wood, canvas, even a wall! You can add glitter, feathers, words, peices of fabric, etc. When you are done you may find that you just created art!!! How could you lose! Well you have much to gain as a matter of a fact!

Visionboards help us find the treasures of our dreams, and bring them into a tangable form.  Try it. You will be amazed. What could you lose? A little time and a few magazines.? What could you gain?  Your Dreams?!  Sign Me Up!!!!!


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